2015-09-18 20:15 by Thorben Bürgel

Fixing Windows 10 Hello for HP Validity fingerprint reader

Since I spent a bigger amount of time reasarching on how to make the Validity fingerprint reader (VFS451) on my HP ProBook 4520s working together with Windows 10 and its "Hello" login function, I want to share my solution. Normally, I am only used to fiddle around with device drivers on Linux, but this time Microsoft left its customers without support.

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2014-06-16 22:56 by Thorben Bürgel

CSS align text fixed beside float element

My solution to fix align text beside a float element without overflow.

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2013-07-08 20:56 by Thorben Bürgel

Latex Listings Syntax Highlighting for Groovy and AspectJ

For my thesis I needed to highlight the syntx of Groovy and AspectJ with the listings package. These languages aren't supported by default and I haven't found any definitions on the internet, thus I defined them by myself.
I want to share my solutions, so that others can use and improve them.

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2013-07-05 01:19 by Thorben Bürgel

Davical Configuration

The calendar server Davical is a great tool for managing appointments and tasks. It implements the CalDAV protocol and can be connected with many clients.
But after updates, I had often trouble to get it working again. So the last time. Thus, I describe here how I fixed my configuration at last.

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